Monday, May 11, 2015

The Apostle Thaddeus and Thomas

The Assyrian Church of the East was founded by three Apostles, Saint Thaddeus, see the Acts Of Thaddeus​, Saint Thomas, and Saint Mari. The story of Thomas and his journey to the Assyrian city of Edessa and his journey to India will be featured in the Acts of Thaddeus movie. Follow us on twitter at "SaintThaddeus" or like us on facebook: Acts of Thaddeus to keep up with our progress and for a behind the scenes look.
Thomas is holding a spear in this Icon I drew-I drew-because he was martyred with a spear, according to the ancient traditions.   

We still need to raise some additional funding in order to achieve full financing of the Acts of Thaddeus movie starring Lorenzo Lamas. To help support this project go to:

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