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Acts of Thaddeus Assyrian Heritage Film

The Acts of the Apostle Thaddeus

The up-coming film “The Acts of the Apostle Thaddeus” is an Assyrian heritage film that tells the story of Mar Addai, who is known as the Apostle Thaddeus in English, and Mar Mari, the Apostle Mari who founded the Assyrian Church of the East.

The script is based on the story of the Apostle Thaddeus as recorded in The Ecclesiastical History of Eusebius, written around 325 A.D. and two ancient Syriac Aramaic texts, The Doctrine of Addai and The Acts of the Apostle Thaddeus.

According to the Gospels, the fame of Jesus spread afar so that sick people as far as Syria came to be healed by Jesus (Matthew 4:24). An Assyrian king named Abgar, who ruled over the city-state of Edessa, send messengers to Jesus (John 12:20-24). They arrived days before Jesus was crucified. Jesus promised those messengers that he would send one of his disciples to Edessa to heal the king. After the resurrection, Thomas, inspired by the Holy Spirit, sent Thaddeus to Edessa, to spread the Good News taught by Jesus Christ, and to heal the King. At the preaching of Thaddeus, the Assyrian people believed and were converted.

Lorenzo Lamas has agreed to play the lead role of the Apostle Thaddeus.
Linda George has agreed to play the role of Queen Meherdath, the wife of King Abgar of Edessa.
The production team is Sam Cable, the producer, and Chuck Walker, the director, of WalkerCable Production.
Stephen Andrew Missick has written the script and it is based on the ancient historical sources, which are mostly in Aramaic.
Chuck Walker and Sam Cable specialize in the making of moderate to low budget movies. They have made over twenty-five films over their career, mostly, but not exclusively, westerns. With the rise of new technologies and independent film-making, high quality professional movies can be made on a modest budget. WalkerCable is capable of producing such a film.
The movie will be filmed at Alamo Village, a set outside of San Antonio, Texas. Rev. Missick has scouted out the set and much of it will work for biblical times. Alamo City was built by John Wayne and has been used over the decades for several movies.
Lamas said, “I have worked with Walker Cable Productions in several films on the course of the last several years and it is my understanding that they will be producing a film on the Apostle Thaddeus in the near future. Based on my former association with this company and the integrity of Sam Cable and Chuck Walker as friends and film makers, I have a strong interest in being involved in this project as an actor in the title role of Thaddeus. I find the script interesting and captivating and look forward to making this project a big success.   I am thrilled to be working on Thaddeus, the new WalkerCable production. These are terrific guys and a wonderful production company that I have had the pleasure of working with many, many times in the past. So, if you have the opportunity to invest in a WalkerCable production don’t hesitate. You will not regret it. So, I am excited about being a part of this Christian movie. I think it is an important time for our society to embrace the Christian faith. I am looking forward to it.”
Based on recent performance of Faith based and Biblical based movies, “The Acts of Thaddeus” has great potential to be a successful film.
The film is also educational. It is based on the literature and history of the ancient Assyrian Church of the East.
The movie is cultural. It is a celebration of the Assyrian culture.
The film is timely and relevant. With the rise of ISIS, radical Islam and the increase of persecution of Christians around the world and particularly in the Middle East, “The Acts of Thaddeus” can draw attention to and create awareness of the heritage of Middle East Christianity and the threat it now faces.
The movie is Ecumenical. It is about Christian unity. The story of the Apostles occurred before divisions developed within Christianity. Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, Protestants and members of the Assyrian Church of the East can embrace the story of the Apostle Thaddeus.
In the film, Thaddeus proclaims the message of love, forgiveness, and compassion that is the heart of the Christian faith.
Reverend Stephen Andrew Missick is the author of several books including The Words of Jesus in the Original Aramaic: Discovering the Semitic Roots of Christianity and The Assyrians: The Oldest Christian People and three articles on the history of the Assyrian Church of the East in the Journal of Assyrian Academic Studies. He is an ordained minister of the gospel. He graduated from Sam Houston State University and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and is a doctoral student at Houston Graduate School of Theology. Rev. Missick has traveled extensively throughout the Middle East and has lived among the Coptic Christians in Egypt and Assyrian Christians in Syria. He served as a soldier in Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003 and 2004 and as a chaplain in the Army National Guard in Baghdad in 2009 and 2010. He is the screen writer for the upcoming Assyrian heritage film The Acts of the Apostle Thaddeus which is set to star Lorenzo Lamas in the title role. 
“The Acts of the Apostle Thaddeus” is an upcoming faith-based movie set to star Lorenzo Lamas as Thaddeus, one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ. The script is based on the Holy Bible and other ancient sources such as Eusebius’s “Church History.” The purpose of the film is to create awareness of the Assyrian Christians, their ancient Christian culture and the danger they now face from ISIS as well as to promote Christian unity and the simple message of love and compassion taught by Jesus Christ. The film is non-denominational, however, the screen-writer has a Master of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and the script is endorsed by the Assyrian Church of the East, the traditional church of Assyrian Christians. For more information about the project contact: Stephen Andrew Missick PO Box 882, Shepherd, Texas 77371 281-592-4104.
Please support this project. We are attempting to raise $120,000 in order to meet are budget goal. To support the project go to the Acts of Thaddeus Kickstarter or
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