Monday, May 11, 2015

The Acts of the Apostle Thaddeus

New Videos and other recent postings regarding "The Acts of the Apostle Thaddeus"

Promo video:

historical background

Chuck Walker discusses his vision for directing Thaddeus

The Acts of the Apostle Thaddeus location

The Acts of the Apostle Thaddeus: Artwork for the Film

Costume Design for The Acts of the Apostle Thaddeus

Stephen and Mar Awa discuss the Thaddeus movie

Stephen and Romena Jonas Interview about Movie

Stephen and Romena Jonas Skype Interview

Stephen Missick and Romena Jonas Interview (1)

Billy Haido Interview

AFR Video

Walker Cable Demo Reel

Thaddeus and the Shroud

Acts of Apostle Thaddeus: historical sources:

The Assyrians

Production Art and Icons

 Digital Bible Society: Acts of Thaddeus

Interview with Lorenzo

 ISIS lecture


The Kickstarter

 Indie Gogo:

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