Thursday, September 20, 2012

What is the 2012 election about?

This is the most important election in America's history. The American people are going to decide if we will continue under the United States Constitution or not. The American people will choose to continue to abide by the Constitution with its limited government and its protection of freedom of speech, the right to bear arms and the freedom of religion or they will choose for America to be a totalitarian police state under Obama. If Obama wins-it will be unlikely if we have elections again-and if we do, they won't matter. America will be remade, as it has been being remade for the past four years, as a hard left country. If Obama is re-elected we will no longer be a free people and it will be impossible to change America through the electoral process. If the American people choose Obama-they are choosing a Marxist dictatorship. By bypassing Congress-the rule of law and the constitution to implement his new immigration policy-Obama has shown his true colors. He will not let the Constitution or anything else restrain his thirst for power. In 2008, the media pushed Obama and people got caught up in the Messianic zeal and mass hysteria and supported him without knowing who he really was. They should have known better-he clearly laid out his extremist views in his two autobiographies. Now many people do know better-as for the rest, there is no excuse. Now there is no question that Obama is a radical leftist. This is the reality: a vote for Obama is a vote against the Constitution. A vote for Obama is a vote against liberty, against religious liberty, against freedom of speech, against private gun ownership. A vote for Obama is a vote for tyranny-and the end of America as we have known it. The Democrats actually think that is a good thing because in their point of view-America is and has always been an evil country.

The choice the American people will make this November is whether or not we will continue to be a free country. If the American people vote for Obama there will be some hard consequences. America's experiment with democracy will be over. Obama is a highly educated damn fool-like many academics on the left today. Mark Steyn in "After America" clearly shows what will happen if Obama is re-elected. The United States will fracture into four countries or more-similar to the collapse of the Soviet Union. If Obama is re-elected it WILL happen. It may be inevitable. Perhaps though, Romney can buy us a little more time.

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