Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ancient text purportedly describes the wife of Jesus

I smell a rat-as do a lot of Bible scholars. I think this text is a forgery. About 50 years ago, a dubious scholar claimed to have discovered the “Secret Gospel of Mark” which insinuated Jesus was a homosexual. The scholar had forged it himself. Now, radical feminist Dr. Karen King-a worshiper of Mary Magdalene “discovers” a text claiming that Jesus was married. The text is supposedly a Coptic text from the 2nd or 4th century. Look at the picture. The top looks very straight-like it was cut with scissors. Probably, someone found a blank section of an ancient sheet of paper and cut it off to forge a text that would attract a lot of attention with sensational claims. Look at this text and then look at the writing on the Nag Hammadi Codices. It looks to me like a modern and rather clumsy attempt to copy ancient Coptic script. I think the forger didn’t use authentic ancient writing utensils which is why the penmanship is poor. Fake-fake-fake! And it isn’t just me: Fox news says, “Stephen Emmel, a professor of Coptology at the University of Muenster who was on the international advisory panel that reviewed the 2006 discovery of the Gospel of Judas, said the text accurately quotes Jesus as saying "my wife." But he questioned whether the document was authentic. "There's something about this fragment in its appearance and also in the grammar of the Coptic that strikes me as being not completely convincing somehow," he said in an interview on the sidelines of the conference. Another participant at the congress, Alin Suciu, a papyrologist at the University of Hamburg, was more blunt. "I would say it's a forgery. The script doesn't look authentic" when compared to other samples of Coptic papyrus script dated to the 4th century, he said. “

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