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May Newsletter

KING OF ISRAEL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIQFD_G3U5A&feature=relmfu

JESUS and Hanukkah http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zczGA2BJBnE&feature=relmfu

Iraq's Christians in Crisis: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZivI8KNquSA&list=FLUYbyISn2CGmNvKCcfb4Zgw&index=35&feature=plpp_video

New "The Voice" Bible

Translation never ends. Part of the reason that this is true is because the nature of language is constant change. This is how we got Aramaic, Hebrew, Arabic and Maltese out of the extinct Proto-Semitic language. There is another reason why the translation process never ends. Most readers of the new Testament have grown overly familiar with the biblical text, losing sight of the wonder and breadth of its innovative ideas and world-changing teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. Two new translations deal with this issue. The famous conservative Bible scholar from England, N.T. Wright has produced The Kingdom New Testament. One of his innovations is translating "Christ" as "Messiah." The new "Voice" New Testament does the same thing. Instead of translating the word "Christos" as "Christ" it translates it instead as "The Liberating (or Delivering) King." In the Old Testament it translates YHWH as "the Eternal." I am not convinced if that is what the Sacred Name means. The problem with the Voice is how it deals with Aramaic in the New Testament. It is inconsistent. In the Gospel of Mark, the translators decided to omit the Aramaic form the text. That is just wrong. (In the Aramaic versions they had to omit it-to avoid a redundancy. For example, it would read, "And Jesus said to the girl, "Little Girl, get up," which means "Little girl, get up." In this text the Voice just omits the Aramaic "Talitha Qumi." I don't like it-but if you say that it is a paraphrase and that the paraphrasers are trying to get the meaning across, I would understand. However, in Galatians, the Aramaic "Cephas," is maintained. Most modern translations simply translate the Aramaic "Cephas," as Peter and note that the Greek actually has the Aramaic word in it in the footnotes. The Voice version says, "Cephas" and in italics notes, "whom you know as Peter." Actually, I like that solution because it maintains the Aramaic. So, in the Gospels, the "Voice" removes the Aramaic (in certain places) but retains it in the Epistle to the Galatians. I think they should have preserved all the Aramaic words in the New Testament-but the inconstancy is annoying. I haven't read the entire "Voice" New Testament, but I plan to.

The Grand Mufti, "Destroy all churches in Arabia!"

The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia has demanded all churches in the Arabian Penninsula be destroyed. According to the Grand Mufti Abdul Aziz Bin Abdullah stated that Islam should be the only religion allowed in Arabia. Saudi Arabia has about 1.2 million Christians. Kuwait is acquiescing to his demands in so far as they will not allow any new churches to be built in Kuwait.

Iran: Persecution of Christians intensifies

Iran is now cracking down on legal churches that are registered with the government. In February, the "Ministry of Intelligence" ordered to official Protestant churches to discontinue Friday (Islamic day of rest) Farsi language services. Former Muslims and members of the Church of England have also been arrested. This is obviously an attempt to limit the influence of legal churches. They cannot legally be closed because they belong to minority groups-such as Assyrian Christians.

Persecution of Christians in England and Israel

England is at the European Court of Human Rights arguing that Christians can be prevented from wearing crosses because wearing a cross is not a "requirement" of the religion. This is ironic since the flag of the United Kingdom is two Christian crosses superimposed over each other. (The cross of Jesus, or Saint George, and the Cross of Saint Andrew. George is the patron saint of England and the Apostle Andrew, who was crucifed upon an "X" shaped cross, is the patron saint of Scotland.) A court in England has also ruled that city counsel meetings cannot be opened in prayer. Certain Israelis are trying to make it illegal to deliver a copy of a Hebrew language New Testament in the mail. Many mail deliverers have refused to deliver mail that they believe contains Christian Scriptures.

Vanderbilt University uses its "non-discrimination" policy to discriminate against Christians

The Christian student unions are not allowed to discriminate against Atheists, Gays, Moslems are other non-or anti-Christians who may want to lead the unions. The fraternities are allowed to form their own rules to choose their leadership. The Catholic Student Union shouldn't have to accept a Protestant leader of their union-it defeats the entire purpose of the union. This is obviously religious discrimination and the university is engaging in union busting of the Christian student unions.

Obama "spikes the football" and why I oppose the assassination of Osama

Who is Obama? The assassinator in chief? Osama should have been arrested so that he and his ideas could stand trial. (and then been executed.) Osama should not have been killed and it was obviously a kill and not a capture mission. Anyway, as sensitive as he is about Moslems feelings he insisted that we not "spike the football" at the death of Osama-lest we hurt their feelings. Now he is rubbing it in the face of the republicans that it is he who killed Osama. Obviously he thinks more highly of Islamist extremists than he does about his fellow American's who happen to be republicans. There is evidence that Clinton appointed members of the CIA obstructed efforts to capture or kill Osama because they didn't want Bush to get credit for that-lest it become political capitol for the Republicans. (Also, it seems that Timothy McVeigh was a Muslim-which doesn't surprise me in the least bit. He converted to Islam when he served in Desert Storm and shield. The US government allowed the Saudis to proselytize our soldiers there and some did convert-such as Timothy McVeigh and the Al Qaida spy Islamic Chaplain Lee.)

Sean Hannity "the Real Obama-appeasement-throwing in the towel in the War on Terror

I hope that America can recover from Obama's presidency. His empowering radical Islamic regimes is going to spread war and human suffering for decades to come. http://www.foxnews.com/on-air/hannity/index.html#/v/1626826915001/the-real-obama-appeasement/?playlist_id=86924

Ann Coulter on Immigration May 1, 2012 "Deport the GOP Establishment" http://www.anncoulter.com/columns/2012-05-01.html
On no issue is the elite/American divide so great as on immigration. For decades, a majority of Americans have wanted to decrease immigration. Not just illegal immigration -- all immigration. Nearly three times as many Americans support reducing immigration as want it to stay the same, according to Gallup polls. A grand total of 5 percent of the population want to increase legal immigration -- 10 times less than want to decrease it. I myself would like to deport the people responsible for our current immigration policies. Our official policy is to turn away scientists in order to make room for illiterate Pakistani peasants who will drop out of high school to man coffee carts until deciding to plot a terrorist attack against the United States. That's this week's immigration poster boy, Najibullah Zazi. Zazi's own step-uncle said of him: "He was a dumb kid, believe me." Our immigration officials said, WELCOME, ZAZI!... Oops, sorry Swedish scientists and nuclear engineers -- no room for you. In February, Zazi pleaded guilty in a plot to bomb the New York City subway. One of his co-conspirators, Zarein Ahmedzay, was welcomed from Afghanistan to America because he was willing to do a job no American would: drive a cab. Where are you going to find an American with a driver's license? This week, a third accomplice, Adis Medunjanin, was convicted in the subway conspiracy. Medunjanin came from Bosnia and became an American citizen -- a priceless gift to The New York Times, which was then able to begin its article on his convictions: "An American citizen was convicted of a host of terrorism charges on Tuesday ..." For this we can thank the late, lamented Teddy Kennedy, who altered our immigration laws in 1965 to ensure massive immigration from the Third World while severely limiting the number of Europeans who could come here. And that's legal immigration. When it comes to illegal immigration, Americans are in a sputtering rage about politicians' obtuse refusal to address the problem. Democrats look at immigration as a way to increase their voter rolls, and Republicans look at immigration as a way to get cheap labor for big business. Any Americans who disagree with our all-Third World immigration flow are called "racists."

Is the War on Terror over? Written by Oliver North / Published Friday, April 27, 2012 / Fox News Now it appears that another war has ended without a victory parade. According to an article this week in the National Journal, an unnamed "senior State Department official" has declared that "the War on Terror is over." This bold proclamation was amplified by a stunning claim that the Arab Spring has been a great success: "Now that we have killed most of al-Qaida, now that people have come to see legitimate means of expression, people who once might have gone into al-Qaida see an opportunity for a legitimate Islamism." This must come as welcome news to members of al-Shabab, Abu Sayyaf, Jemaah Islamiyah, Hamas, Hezbollah, Boko Haram, the Taliban, the Haqqani network and the 38 other violent radical Islamist groups already on the State Department's list of designated foreign terrorist organizations. Knowing that the "war on terror is over" must also be a relief to the ayatollahs in Tehran and the brutal regime of Omar Hassan al-Bashir in Khartoum, Sudan. One can only hope the word gets out soon about the war on terror's being over so radical Islamists planting improvised explosive devices to blow up our Marines in Afghanistan's Helmand province and those ambushing our 10th Mountain Division soldiers in the shadows of the Hindu Kush will stop plying their deadly trade and just celebrate. Unfortunately, the War on Terror isn't over. The White House tried to "clarify" the State Department's ludicrous claim -- but as usual, got it wrong. After the National Journal piece hit the wires, White House spokesman Tommy Vietor insisted: "We absolutely have never said our war against Al Qaeda is over. We are prosecuting that war at an unprecedented pace." And therein is the problem. The Obama administration cannot seem to figure out who our enemies really are. The once global terror organization known as Al Qaeda is indeed just a shell of what it was when we were attacked on Sept. 11, 2001. The group has been decapitated and badly damaged. Usama bin Laden's successor, Ayman al-Zawahiri, is so deep in hiding he cannot order a new pair of socks without fear of a Reaper or Predator dropping a Hellfire missile on his head.
Al Qaeda is just one of more than 80 hyper-violent radical Islamist organizations committing acts of terrorism around the world today. Al Qaeda could disappear tomorrow, but the war being waged against the West by radical Islamists wouldn't be over. American civilians still would be their number one target. That's why Obama's pledge to "end these wars responsibly" by 2014 makes no sense. Whether our president realizes it or not, radical Islamic militants from the islands of the South Pacific to Africa's Sahel are committed to their jihad. Those ruling in Iran -- while they rush to build nuclear weapons -- aren't deterred by flowery rhetoric from a Nobel laureate or "sanctions" from the U.N. Neither are the radical Islamists striving for power in Egypt, Syria, Yemen, and the "stans," as they terrorize Muslims and Christians alike.
The words "win" and "triumph" are rarely heard in Washington today. That means a victory parade for the young Americans who have been fighting this war for more than a decade is unlikely. Before declaring this war is "over," the O-Team ought to recall the words of Ronald Reagan: "There is no argument over the choice between peace and war, but there is only one guaranteed way you can have peace -- and you can have it in the next second: surrender."

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/on-air/war-stories/2012/04/27/war-terror-over#ixzz1taMG1VyP

Obama administration says Islamism is legitimate

'The war on terror is over,' one senior State Department official who works on Mideast issues told me. 'Now that we have killed most of al Qaida, now that people have come to see legitimate means of expression, people who once might have gone into al Qaida see an opportunity for a legitimate Islamism.'"I don't care what Obama says-there is nothing "legitimate" about Islamism. Islamism is a political movement that aims to

How to combat terrorism The army has a center for the study of methods to combat terrorism. This is a waste of money because all that needs to be done is for us to have an honest discussion about the life of Mohammed, the contents of the Koran and the violent history of Islam. The ideology of Islamism needs to be de-legitimized. If it is undermined and discredited-you won't have thousands of Moslems desiring to die and kill for it. Also, it is necessary to purge all Islamist sympathizers from our government, the CIA, FBI and all other such three letter agencies and others. These people are fifth columnists and are collaborating with the enemy.

David Barton and "Building on the American Heritage" I strongly recommend this series, especially in his controversy concerning the Texas school textbooks. As a teacher, I am shocked to see how left-wing the bias is in history and in literature textbooks. Barton talks about the need for us to have a long-term strategy-in protecting our heritage and our beliefs and protecting our children from seeing Christianity maligned in public school textbooks as it often is. The Jews have "Anti-Defamation" leagues and the Muslims have their (terrorist front group) CAIR. Perhaps it is time that Christians form similar organizations to protect themselves against hatred and intolerance coming from the left.

"Rush to Judgment: George W. Bush, the War on Terror, and His Critics by Stephen F. Knott. George W. Bush was a terrible president. His worst failure was his unwillingness to defend his policies-such as the War on Terror. He allowed the Liberal News Media to turn the public against the war effort. This book defends his decision. I served in Iraq twice-fighting Islamic extremism on the ground in the Middle East was the right thing to do. But he didn't execute the war effort very well.

Kill-don't capture? By Bill O'Reilly

But far and away the worst insanity I have seen recently is sympathy for the devil. Last night on "60 Minutes" the head of the coerced interrogation program former CIA agent Jose Rodriguez explained to a skeptical Lesley Stahl that America has an obligation to protect its citizens by using tough interrogation techniques. Rodriguez said yes, a few al Qaeda big shots were waterboarded but they knew they weren't going to die and yes some of them were denied sleep and a few of them were kept in very tight spaces. How many times have we heard those activities described as torture? And President Obama agrees, he has banned them, Rodriguez says that's insane that you can't get vital information from some terrorists without some rough stuff. And then Rodriguez lowered the hammer on Mr. Obama. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) JOSE RODRIGUEZ, FORMER CIA AGENT: We don't capture anybody anymore, Lesley. I mean, you know, their default option of this administration has... has been to kill all prisoners. Take no prisoners. LESLEY STAHL, CBS CORRESPONDENT: The drones. RODRIGUEZ: The drones. How can it be more ethical to kill people rather than capture them? I have never understood that one. (END VIDEO CLIP) O'REILLY: So how do the anti-torture people answer Mr. Rodriguez? We're blowing the hell out of these people from space. No trial. No presumption of innocence. They are just dead and so is everybody around them. But the same president who orders that will not dunk people in water. That makes sense to anybody? "Talking Points" believes the President well understands the difference between drones and waterboarding. His decision to ban coerced interrogation is simply a political one playing to his crew. It's tough to make a sanity argument on that one.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/on-air/oreilly/2012/05/01/bill-oreilly-keeping-your-sanity#ixzz1tdQEZK37


Doctor Zawahiri has always been the brains behind Al Qaida. Until he is dead or captured, Al Qaida is alive and well.

"Screwed" by Dick Morris

Screwed!: How Foreign Countries Are Ripping America Off and Plundering Our Economy-and How Our Leaders Help Them Do It Our jobs go to China. Foreign aid goes to our enemies. Pakistan uses our money to fund terrorists who attack us. Saudi Arabia, which our soldiers have defended with their lives, funds 90 percent of the world's Islamic fundamentalism. The UN is awash in corruption; its bureaucrats steal the money we give it with total impunity. Fifteen hundred brave American soldiers have died defending the regime in Afghanistan—rated the second-most corrupt in the world! Meanwhile, European bankers and bureaucrats are taking over our economy and preempting our sovereignty. How do they get away with it? By hiring our own political leaders, as soon as they leave office, to lobby for them to rip us off. In Screwed!, bestselling authors Dick Morris and Eileen McGann lay bare the unvarnished facts as never before and suggest real, immediate, and specific steps to stop those who undermine our interests and take away our jobs. "Screwed" has long chapters on how the terrorist states of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan fund terrorism. The book should be read along with "Funding Evil." Funding Evil: How Terrorism is Financed and How to Stop it by Doctor Rachel Ehrenfeld This is the book that led to strengthening Americans' free speech rights. In this updated edition of Funding Evil, Dr. Ehrenfeld describes what it took to successfully stop "Libel Tourism," from the silencing of American writers and publishers. It details how a single Saudi billionaire financier of al- Qaeda, managed to silence more than 45 writers and publishers - many Americans included - from exposing him and his ilk. He used British laws and courts that allow "libel tourism" to conduct his "lawfare", until he sued Dr. Ehrenfeld. She alone challenged him and the British courts. Her initiative led to the passage New York' State's anti-libel terrorism law, aka "Rachel's Law," and to the national SPEECH Act, signed into law in August 2010. These laws protect American writers and publishers in print and on the Internet from the enforcement of foreign libel judgments in the US. "Funding Evil" identifies who funds terrorism and how they do it, and why the Saudis don't want you to read this book. Funding Evil draws a roadmap illustrating how terrorist organizations -especially Islamist terror organizations are funded. It exposes the most vital and venemous sources of terror organizations. "Funding Evil ... is a crucially important book--really a milestone--in the history of the struggle for freedom of expression....Ehrenfeld achieved what the New York Times rightly called "A Victory for Writing.". Anyone interested in freedom of the mind should read this book and its intrepid author's new Afterword describing her successful legal adventures."

New Noah's Ark movie

Russell Crowe is heading back to biblical times. The actor has officially signed on to star in Noah, the upcoming Darren Aronofsky film about the story of Noah's Ark. "I'd like to thank Paramount and Regency for backing my team's work to breathe new life into the biblical epic," says Aronofsky in a statement. The Black Swan director continues, "I rejoice that Russell Crowe will be by my side on this adventure. It's his immense talent that helps me to sleep at night. I look forward to being wowed by him every day."The movie, which will begin filming this summer, is already slated to be released on March 28, 2014. Darren Aronofsky has made many bizarre movies such as Pi and the Fountain. These movies are so strange that they cannot appeal to a national audience. The movie will also star Jennifer Connelly as Namaah, Noah's wife according to rabbinic tradition and a Kenite (descendant of Cain) according to the Bible. The movie will also star Saoirse Ronan, the creepy serial killer little girl from the "Hannah" horror movie, whose creepy and disturbing preview convinced me to not go see the movie.

Language Insight

I heard Jonah Goldberg on the radio and he made a few interesting comments about language. First, he mentioned that liberals don't like "labels." He then mentioned how important labels are. "Go to your kitchen and think is we didn't have labels for anything-what would happen." Sean Hannity then mentioned a bottle of yellow fluid could be lemon aide or Mr. Clean. So, we see that "labels" could be a matter of life and death. However, there are some labels that liberals like to use very much-like "homophobe," "racist" or "Islamaphobe," they pull these out, Goldberg said, as if these labels were a Medusa's head that could petrify their opponents and stop all debate and discussion so that they extremist views can go forward without opposition. According to Jonah Goldberg, if the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist, the greatest trick liberals ever pulled was convincing themselves that they're not ideological. His new book is The Tyranny of Cliches: How Liberals Cheat in the War of Ideas:
Today, "objective" journalists, academics and "moderate" politicians peddle some of the most radical arguments by hiding them in homespun aphorisms. Barack Obama casts himself as a disciple of reason and sticks to one refrain above all others: he's a pragmatist, opposed to the ideology and dogma of the right, solely concerned with "what works." And today's liberals follow his lead, spouting countless clich├ęs such as:

  • One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter: Sure, if the other man is an idiot. Was Martin Luther King Jr. a terrorist? Was Bin Laden a freedom fighter?
  • Violence never solves anything: Really? It solved our problems with the British empire and ended slavery.
  • Better ten guilty men go free than one innocent man suffer: So you won't mind if those ten guilty men move next door to you?
  • Diversity is strength: Cool. The NBA should have a quota for midgets and one-legged point guards!
  • We need complete separation of church and state: In other words all expressions of faith should be barred from politics …except when they support liberal programs.

With humor and passion, Goldberg dismantles these and many other Trojan Horses that liberals use to cheat in the war of ideas. He shows that the grand Progressive tradition of denying an ideological agenda while pursuing it vigorously under the false-flag of reasonableness is alive and well. And he reveals how this dangerous game may lead us further down the path of self-destruction.


Doctor's Near Death Experience: "To Heaven and Back"


Dr. Mary Neal is a board-certified orthopaedic spine surgeon who drowned while kayaking on a South American river. She experienced life after death. She went to heaven and back, conversed with angels, and experienced God's all-encompassing love. She was returned to Earth with some specific instructions for work she still needed to do. Her life has been one filled with the miracles and intervention of God. Her story gives reason to live by faith and is a story of hope. Dr. Neal was born and raised in Michigan and graduated from the University of Kentucky before attending the UCLA medical school. She completed her orthopaedic surgery training at the University of Southern California after which she lived in Sweden, Switzerland, and Los Angeles while undergoing 1 1/2 years of specialty training in spinal surgery before becoming the director of spine surgery at USC. Five year later, she left the University and moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming with her husband and children.

I have become interested in stories of those who went to heaven and came back-such as "Heaven is Real" by the Burpo kid and "20 minutes in Heaven" by John Piper.


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