Thursday, August 5, 2010

Returning Home

Heading Home

Within a few days I will be heading back home. First I have to stop at Kuwait and then we are going back to Fort Bliss.

Life in a Day

Youtube had a "Life in a Day" project in which people all around the world we asked to submit material from July 24th, 2010 documenting their life during that day so that Kevin Macdonald and Ridley Scott can use that material to make a movie about one day in the life of planet earth. I decided that it would be great for me to participate in that experiment. I filmed my day and submitted some video clips from it and posted them on youtube. You can see my "Life in a Day" videos at Of course, my "Life in a Day" is in Iraq.

Assyrian Martyrs Day

On August 7, 1933, over 300 Assyrian refugees were fired on with machine guns by the Iraqi government. The officers who carried out this massacre were given commendations. Assyrians remember this date every year as "Assyrian Martyrs Day." The Assyrians are the indigenous Aramaic Christians of Iraq.

Remember my Books

Remember the books I have available:

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