Friday, August 27, 2010

Back Home

Back Home


On Thursday, August 19, 2010 I arrived in San Antonio. The deployment was over and that evening I made it back home to the Houston area. At our homecoming ceremony I prayed the invocation:


Father in Heaven-we thank you for all of your blessings. We thank you for the service of these brave soldiers. We thank you for the support given to these soldiers by their friends family and loved ones. Bless them all. In Jesus Holy Name we pray-Amen.


Then, at the close of the ceremony, I gave the benediction:


Dear Father in Heaven-we thank you that you have protected these soldiers and have brought them all home safely. We pray that you would continue to watch over them and protect them-hold them all in the hollow of your hand-and bless them in all of their endeavors. In Christ's Holy Name we pray. Amen.


It is good to be back home. I feel that the deployment went well overall-although it did have its challenges. I'm still adjusting to life back in the states.


New Aramaic Product: The Jewish Targums and John's Logos Theology by John Ronning


A superb study revealing the Aramaic tradition illuminates John's Logos. Focusing on the Targumim-interpretive translations of the Old Testament into Aramaic that were read in synagogues-Ronning examines numerous passages in the Forth Gospel showing how linking the targumic Memra unlocks the meaning of the theological themes threading through John's text.


Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture including Aramaic available


The "Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture" set is now available on CD-ROM. It is a little expensive at $385 (but is available from Christian Book Distributers at $299). This acclaimed series covers the second to the mid-eighth centuries and includes commentary from Greek, Latin, Coptic and Syriac Church Fathers.


"The Hammer of God" now available


My latest book "The Hammer of God" is now available. According to the Gospel of John, Jesus Christ celebrated the Festival of Hanukkah (John 10:22). Hanukkah celebrates the heroic exploits of Judas Maccabeus and his battle for religious freedom. These events occurred during the four-hundred silent years between the Old and New Testaments. The Seleucid Greeks that ruled over the Jewish people made observing Judaism a capital offense and ordered all copies of the Bible to be collected and burned. In the year 167 Before Christ, Judas Maccabaeus led the Jewish people into battle to preserve the Holy Bible and to establish religious liberty. Judas was called Maccabeus which means "the Hammer" in Aramaic. Centuries later, in the year 732 A.D, Charles Martel, known as "Charles the Hammer," fought to defend the religious liberties of the Christians and Jews in Europe when an army of Islamic terrorists threatened to eradicate Christianity in France. In The Hammer of God learn about the history of the battle for religious freedom, a battle that continues today.

The 9-11 Victory over America Triumphal "Ground Zero" Mosque

To celebrate their great victory in defeating the United States of America on 9-11-2001 radical Muslims are building a 12 storey mosque where extremist "Sharia" Islamic law will be taught. The goal of this Islamic center is to Islamicize America and introduce Sharia law into the United States. In Sharia law, thieves have their hands cut off and Christians and Jews are persecuted. Why the audacity and provocation in the building of this mosque? The reason is because we have convinced the Muslim extremists that we are weak and that we are already defeated. We refuse to defend ourselves from Islamic aggression. We have no heart for war and refuse to support the war effort and our troops who are serving and dying there. We are so cowardly that we freely give up our rights and condemn cartoonists for being critical of Islam. We allowed Theo Van Gough to be murdered on the street for making a documentary critical of Islam. Instead of staying the course in war, the American people vote in a president who is of an Islamic background who wants to disengage the enemy. By our cowardice we have emboldened our enemies. Imam Feizal Abdul-Rauf claims to be a moderate-but the man is indeed an extremist. He proves it by building the mosque over ground zero. (There are also many extremist statements that he has made in the past-showing that his sympathies are with the terrorists.) This mosque-in its attempt to introduce Sharia law in the United States is a threat to every non-Muslims freedom of religion. Imam Rauf's mosque is called the "Cordova House" after a mosque in Spain. After Islamic terrorists invaded Spain they went to the Cathedral of Saint Vincent. They tore it down and built a mosque in its place. This new mosque-the Cordova mosque symbolized how that Islam has superseded and has prevailed over Christianity and Judaism. The Cordova Muslims went on to slaughter Christians. The Christians who were murdered by the Cordova Muslims have been canonized as Saints in the Roman Catholic Church and are known as the "Cordova Martyrs." I would say-watch out America-it is coming here-but it has already arrived, hasn't it? We must stop this mosque from being built. So, what can we do? For ideas check out Dove Outreach Center One more word about Obama. Obama makes an effort to reach out and find common ground with Muslims and even terrorists such as the Taliban-but he refuses to reach out and find common ground with Republicans and conservative Americans. When I was in Iraq, I would go to the dining facility in the morning for breakfast and the news would be on and every morning I had to listen to Obama saying how nothing is his fault-its all the prior administrations fault and that all the problems this country faces come from the Republican party. Soldiers found his comments personally insulting and highly offensive.

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