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Kickstarter project on Film portraying origins of the Assyrian Church of the East has launched!

Local Pastor to Produce Biblical Film

Stephen Missick, associate pastor of King of Saints Tabernacle on 2228 FM 1725, Cleveland, Texas, 77328 is producing a biblical movie that dramatized the story of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ.

The script is derived from the Bible and other ancient sources such as the writings of the Early Church Fathers.

The film is anticipated to be produced by WalkerCable, Productions of Conroe, Texas. WalkerCable anticipates to begin filming in early 2015. Sets at Alamo Village in Brackettville, Texas will serve as Biblical Lands.

The working title of the film is “The Acts of the Apostle Thaddeus.”

‘From the very beginning of the film industry, movies dramatizing stories from the Bible have been made,” Missick said, “Many of these films are classics, such as Cecil B. DeMille’s  “The Ten Commandments” and Charlton Heston’s “Ben-Hur.” However, I want to do something totally different. I was to do something that audiences have never seen before.”

In this movie, Pastor Missick will be telling the story of the Apostle Thaddeus. According to early Church Historians, Thaddeus evangelized what is today Iraq, Iran and southern Turkey.

“With the rise of ISIS, this story is timely and relevant, “ Missick said, “ ISIS is trying to destroy the ancient Christian community founded by Thaddeus and Thomas.

According to Pastor Missick, “The Acts of Thadeus” tells the story of the origin of the Assyrian Church of the East and the Armenian Church.

Pastor Missick describes the story of Thaddeus as a very fascinating one. He says, “According to Church historians, Thaddeus was the groom at the marriage of Cana in Galilee, where Jesus turned the water into wine.  Also, there is a connection between Thaddeus and the Shroud  of Turin.” The Shroud of Turin is a relic kept in Turin, Italy that is believed to be the burial shroud of Jesus and it bears an impression of the body of a crucified man.  Many Shroud experts believe that the Shroud of Turin was known as the image of Edessa and that it was brought to Edessa by Thaddeus who gave it as a gift to the Syriac king Abgar. Missick says, “Those who believe that the Shroud of Turin is authentic believe that there is a connection between the Shroud and the Apostle Thaddeus. The Shroud will be featured in the movie.”

For more information contact:

Stephen Andrew Missick,, 281-592-4104

2228 FM 1725, Cleveland, Texas 77328

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