Wednesday, February 8, 2012


African huts

I have just returned from Uganda. Here are some pictures from my travels there. Videos are available at my youtube channel.

Me at the source of the Nile

Stores selling African goods

Gandhis ashes were poured out into the source of the Nile

Me with Ugandan teachers

Me with Ugandan students

With teachers and students...

In a Ugandan primary school

The Great Seal of Uganda

Me teaching in Uganda

Teaching with Esther

Me preaching in Uganda

Me preaching in Uganda (video available at

Before the sermon with Allen, a Ugandan friend I served with in Iraq

Me playing an African drum

African wildlife

Me at a Ugandan wildlife education center

That is Kampala in the background

A cathedral in Kampala, Uganda


At the royal tombs

The royal tombs

Me and Esther

Me at the royal tombs

The kings of Uganda

African art

The royal tombs

I stayed in this house during my stay in Uganda

ugandan children

I have recently returned from Uganda. I had a good experience there.

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