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September 2

Must America Accept a Nuclear Iran?

By Reza Kahlili Published September 18, 2011 | The world learned to its horror the price of appeasement when, fearing war, it allowed Adolf Hitler to ignore the Treaty of Versailles in his quest to establish a Thousand Year Reich. More than 50 million people paid that price in death. Now the world is facing another mad dictatorship in an Iran bent on mass destruction. America and its NATO allies, weary from years of fighting, fear another war. Will Iran, too, be appeased as it develops nuclear weapons in its quest to destroy Israel and the United States? The newspaper Keyhan, which operates directly under the supervision of Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, recently published an analysis that said America has no choice but to accept a nuclear-armed Iran. Keyhan said an editorial in the Saudi Al-Watan newspaper confirmed that a military attack on Iranian nuclear facilities is no longer an option. Al-Watan reportedly quoted U.S. Gen. James Cartwright, former vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, as saying: "The only way to end Iran's nuclear pursuits is to militarily occupy their facilities, the Arak and Natanz nuclear sites in particular; but given the possible consequences that it can have, particularly the price tag, it does not appear to be possible." Al-Watan also quoted former Defense Intelligence Agency analyst Jeffrey White, who, like Cartwright, stressed there is no possibility of a military attack on Iranian nuclear facilities. "One approach," White said, "is the notion that the air attack on Iranian facilities is possible or easy, but it does not conform with reality, because any air attack will have serious consequences." A military analyst in Tehran said Cartwright's statement reveals two things: First, the U.S. is incapable of militarily attacking Iran; second, it does not know any other way other than to take military action in order to halt Iran's nuclear program. "Therefore, the U.S. military is clearly preparing itself for the reality of a nuclear Iran," the analyst said. An editorial on the Revolutionary Guards' website, Gerdab.Ir, boasted that the world will do nothing when Iran tests its first nuclear bomb and that it will be a moment of national pride. The Iranian leaders have concluded that America is weak because of its economic problems and that it doesn't have the stomach for another war after the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. This conclusion has led Iran to speed up its nuclear program, not only enriching to a higher level but working on tripling production, despite four sets of U.N. sanctions. And those sanctions have failed to stop Iran from its nuclear drive. The latest report by the U.N. nuclear watchdog, the IAEA, indicates that Iran now has enough enriched uranium for six nuclear bombs. Today the radicals ruling Iran have over 1,000 ballistic missiles in underground missile silos pointed at every U.S. military base in the region, every city in Israel and capitals of Western Europe. They have expanded on their missile technology under the guise of their space program, which technically gives them intercontinental ballistic missile capability. Iran's Revolutionary Guards have introduced a solid fuel anti-ship ballistic missile that could be a game changer in the Persian Gulf as it can hit moving targets such as an aircraft carrier. The Guards have also armed their naval vessels with long-range surface-to-surface ballistic missiles while successfully testing a rocket launch from a ship and also exploding a ballistic missile in the air. The only goal of such tests is to launch an electromagnetic pulse attack, which could bring America to its knees. The dictators in Iran have been calling for the removal of Israel and have openly stated that a Palestinian state is just the beginning. They dream of the glorification of Allah and believe that the destruction of Israel and demise of America is at hand. Meanwhile, America and its European allies, fearing war, have continuously offered negotiations, believing that the best way forward is appeasement. This has allowed Iran to continue its progress in its missile and nuclear program. The masters of terror in Tehran have crossed every red line and will soon arm their missiles with nuclear bombs. Israel will be destroyed and a single nuclear blast over U.S. skies will create an electromagnetic radiation that will likely destroy the infrastructure of the United States. It's estimated that over 200 million Americans will die in just one year as a result of such an attack. The world order will crumble, and hundreds of millions more will die in the ensuing nuclear exchange. Will we allow history to repeat itself?

Reza Kahlili
is a pseudonym for an ex-CIA spy who requires anonymity for safety reasons. He is the author of "
A Time to Betray" a memoir about his double life as a CIA agent in Iran's Revolutionary Guards, published by Threshold Editions, Simon & Schuster, April 2010.He is a Senior Fellow with EMPact America. "A Time to Betray" won the 2010 National Best Book Award, and the 2011 International Best Book Award.

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The Tabernacle of David

Bob Johnson or Zion Praise describes the Tabernacle of David in his paper "A Short Catechism on the Tabernacle of David." He says: The Tabernacle of David is the name given to the tent that King David set up on     Mount Zion in Jerusalem to house the Ark of the Covenant. It was the center of a     new order of joyful worship which stood in sharp contrast to the solemn worship of Moses' Tabernacle. Instead of the sacrifices of animals, the sacrifices offered at David's Tabernacle were the sacrifices of praise, joy and thanksgiving (Psalm 95:2,100:4, 141:2). The Tabernacle of David is a type of the worship of the     Church. Jesus fulfilled the sacrificial system of the Old Covenant by His death on the cross (Hebrews 1:3, 7:27, 9:12, 9:24-28). The sacrifices of the     Church, the New Covenant priesthood, are the sacrifices of praise, joy and thanksgiving (Hebrews 13:15, 1 Peter 2:9). In addition to the worship of the Church, the Tabernacle of David points to the proclamation and authority of     Christ through His Church, thus foreshadowing the priestly, kingly and prophetic ministries of the Church (Revelation 1:6, 5:10, 19:10, Acts 2:17, 1 Corinthians     14:1,3-5, 24-25, 29, 39). The establishment of Davd's Tabernacle is described in 2 Samuel 6 and 1 Chronicles 13-16. From these passages we see that David prepared a place for the Ark (1 Chr. 15:1), the Levites sanctified themselves for their ministry (1 Chr. 15:14) which was to carry the Ark and minister to the Lord (1 Chr. 15:2). All Israel joined in the procession (1 Chr. 15:3) which was marked by joyful instrumental and vocal music (1 Chr. 15:16-21 ) and dancing (2 Sam. 6:14, 1 Chr. 15:29). Despite all of this, the celebration was not without its detractors (2 Sam. 6:16, 1 Chr. 15:29). The majority of the Psalms were originally sung as prophetic songs in David's Tabernacle. They account in detail the expressions of worship offered by the Israelites before the Ark of the Covenant. In addition, they describe the full range of human emotions revealed in the presence of God, from deepest despair to highest joy.The righteous kings of Israel that followed David reestablished Davidic worship within the context of Temple worship. These revivals of Davidic worship paved the way for spiritual renewal and military victory. These times of revival and victory were under Solomon
(2 Chr. 5-7) - 101 B.C., Jehoshaphat
(2 Chr. 20) -     896 B.C., Joash
(2 Chr. 23-24) - 835 B.c., Hezekiah
(2 Chr. 29-30) - 726 B.C., Josiah
(2 Chr. 35) - 623 B.C., Ezra
(Ezra 3:10-13) - 536 B.C. and Nehemiah (Neh. 12:28-47) - 446 B.C.The Old Testament prophecies that specifically mention the Tabernacle of David are Isaiah 16:5 and Amos 9:11-12. There are numerous additional prophecies concerning the coming of Messiah and His kingdom that refer to Zion, the mountain of the Lord, the glory of the Lord and other images that are obvious references to the Tabernacle of David. See especially Isaiah 2:2-5, Isaiah 9:2-7, Isaiah 35, Isaiah 40:1-5, Isaiah 60:1-3, Isaiah 61, Isaiah 62, Jeremiah 33:10-22, Micah 4:1-2, and Haggai 2:6-7.

There were three tabernacles in ancient Israel. First, the "Tent of Meeting" which was "outside the camp." (Exodus 33:7-this was open to the public) Secondly, the "Tabernacle of Israel" that was placed in the center of the camp (only priest could enter into the tent). Lastly, was the Tabernacle of David-described above.

IEDs in America

MONROE, Mich. (AP) – A car bomb caused a powerful explosion on a Michigan street that seriously injured a father and his two sons, who are "very fortunate" to have survived the attack, which turned their vehicle into a blackened hunk of metal, a federal official said Wednesday. Investigators were poring over what remained of the vehicle after the Tuesday evening blast, looking for clues about how the bomb was made and who might have planted it, said Donald Dawkins, a spokesman for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

Ironic News: Muslim women struggle for right to be enslaved: "Veiled Muslim women flout ban in bid for freedom" By Elaine Ganley Associated Press, September 22, 2011

PARIS (AP) — Kenza Drider's posters for the French presidential race are ready to go, months before the official campaign begins. There she is, the "freedom candidate," pictured standing in front of a line of police — a forbidden veil hiding her face. Drider declared her longshot candidacy Thursday, the same day that a French court fined two women who refuse to remove their veils. All three are among a group of women mounting an attack on the law that has banned the garments from the streets of France since April, and prompted similar moves in other European countries. They are bent on proving that the ban contravenes fundamental rights and that women who hide their faces stand for freedom, not submission. "When a woman wants to maintain her freedom, she must be bold," Drider told The Associated Press in an interview.President Nicolas Sarkozy strongly disagrees, and says the veil imprisons women. Polls show that most French people support the ban, which authorities estimate affects fewer than 2,000 women who wore the veil before the ban.

Wearing the veil is a symbol of political resistance to Western Values and rule of law. It is a revolutionary act aimed at imposing Sharia law in Western society. I don't believe her statistics that only 2,000 women were wearing the veil. Associated Press and Reuters are both hard left so-called "news" organizations. Most feminists refuse to condemn the veil. However, I read an excellent article by a feminist who condemned the veil as a sensory deprivation chamber that prevented women from normal social interaction with other human beings-male and female. Those who support the veil should wear one for a week-and then try to imagine what it would be like to be forced to live like that every day. Some Muslim women didn't have to wear the veil as small children and had to put it on at age 12. Others have never known life without having their face covered. The French are right to restrict the veil for two reasons. First, it is a public safety issue. People should only be allowed to go about with a mask during holidays. In Egypt, criminals dress as veiled women and commit robberies and violent crimes. Secondly, the veil is a revolutionary act, a way of imposing Sharia law. The French have to right to protect their way of life against a political threat that the veil represents. Eventually, Muslims will require the veil or some sort of "woman covering" on all women as they do in Iran and Saudi Arabia. Remember, in his Cairo Speech, Mr. Obama said that he would personally fight for the right of every Muslim woman to be veiled. He didn't say anything about the right of Muslim women to choose not to wear the veil.

President Obama's "Victory over America Mosque" opens at Ground Zero

September 21, 2011 NEW YORK (AP) —An Islamic cultural center opened Wednesday evening near the site of the terrorist attacks that leveled the World Trade Center. People crowded into the center, where a small orchestra played traditional Middle Eastern instruments. The enthusiasm at the opening belied its troubled beginnings. President Obama put his full support being the building of the "Victory over America" Mosque.

Traditionally, Muslims take sacred ground from a conquered people and build a mosque over it to signify the triumph and domination of Islam. An example is Cordova. Cordova was the main cathedral in Spain. When the Muslims conquered Spain they changed to Cathedral into a mosque-the Cordova mosque. Once the Muslims were driven out of Spain, Cordova became a Cathedral again. The organization that built the "Victory over America" mosque is called the "Cordova Initiative" that endeavors to implement this Muslim strategy around the globe.

The Muslims decided to wait ten days after the tenth anniversary of 9-11 to open the Victory over America" Mosque. Now we have a military that is pro-gay-and anti-Evangelical Christian. Discrimination against Christians in the military has already begun. The Victory over America mosque is up and running. IEDs are going off in America. Radical Muslims are taking over one country after another in the Middle East-with Mr. Obama's support. The economy is in tatters and we are in a depression-not a recession. But, this is what the American people wanted. You get what you voted for-now their hope and change is coming into realization.

Arab Christian Legislator investigates Operation "Fast and Furious"

The ATF is a rogue agency that needs to be shut down. The Obama Administration wants to introduce new Gun Control legislation so they developed a strategy to do so. They were going to frame gun shows and private gun sellers for selling weapons to Mexican Drug Cartels. The idea was to accuse Gun Shows of arming Mexican Drug Cartels and use this as a pretence to introduced new gun control laws. In actuality it was the ATF that was selling the weapons. These weapons have been used by the drug cartel to kill Americans including border patrol agents. Arab American (Lebanese Christian) representative Darrell Issa is leading the investigation of the ATF. Rep. Darrell Issa (R., Calif), chairman of the U.S. House of Representative's Oversight and Government Reform Committee, got his hearing. Representative Issa has been trying to find out why the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives) told gun-store owners to sell thousands of semi-automatic firearms to straw purchasers (those who buy guns for someone who can't do so legally) — and then just watched as the guns went across the border, into the hands of Mexican drug cartels. (See "ATF Officials Implicated in Operation Fast and Furious" by Frank Minister, National Review On-line.) The ATF has always been a rouge agency and just continues in the same track. From the beginning their history is one of repeatedly violating citizens rights and pulling bizarre publicity stunts which inevitably backfire in their own faces because they are as incompetent as they are corrupt. It is long past the time for this agency to be abolished. Even if somehow their attitude could be adjusted there is really nothing the ATF can do that "legitimate" law enforcement can't do better. Abolish the agency completely and permanently.

President Obama and Psalm 46

Mr. Obama is extremely partisan. He is left wing and despises conservatives who, as he put it, "cling to their guns and their religion." He has never reached across the aisle or worked to find common ground for the greater good of the country. On the Tenth Anniversary of 9-11, Mr. Obama used the Scripture-Psalm 46 in order to attack President Bush and out military heroes.

    God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore will not we     fear, though the earth be removed, and though the mountains be carried into the     midst of the sea; Though the waters thereof roar and be troubled, though the     mountains shake with the swelling thereof. Selah.

[Here, is a dig at Mr. Bush. Mr. Obama is accusing Mr. Bush of being afraid and giving into fear in his going to war against Islamic terrorist. Mr. Obama is wrong about this. Terrorism represents a legitimate threat against the United States. To ignore a real threat is folly. Recognizing a threat and responding to it, in self-defense, is not "giving into fear" as Mr. Obama is insinuating.]

    There is a river, the streams whereof shall make glad the city of God, the holy place of     the tabernacles of the most High. God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved: God     shall help her, and that right early. The heathen raged, the kingdoms were moved: he     uttered his voice, the earth melted. The LORD of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our     refuge. Selah. Come, behold the works of the LORD, what desolations he hath made     in the earth. He maketh wars to cease unto the end of the earth; he breaketh the     bow, and cutteth the spear in sunder; he burneth the chariot in the fire.

[Here Mr. Obama is invoking God against the war. Obama invokes God against our soldiers and marines fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama is saying that God is going to make the "War Against Islamic Terror" to cease. Now, he is misinterpreting this passage. Jesus will make wars to cease in his second coming-we shall explore that below. So, Obama says it is God himself who is battling against our troops in the Middle East.]

    Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in     the earth. The LORD of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge. Selah.

Now, Mr. Obama has been very clear. He doesn't oppose all wars. He opposes what he calls "stupid wars." That is wars fought against Muslim powers. Obama's political career got really started off when he was an anti-war activist. When I was fighting terrorists in Iraq in 2003-2004, Obama was betraying the USA by attacking and undermining the war effort. The war became unpopular and Mr. Obama became more popular. Then Bush basically won the war with the surge and the war became less of an issue but by that time Mr. Obama had become a celebrity and a media sensation. So, his focus on the war lessoned. However, he has been working to undo the progress we have made in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has welcomed terrorist leader Al-Sadr back into Iraq. (Al-Sadr fled Iraq at the beginning of the surge.) Obama is giving Iraq and Afghanistan back to Islamic extremists and is pulling troops out. He has squandered our progress in the two fronts. His actions show where his true motivations lie. Apparently, Mr. Obama wants Americans to submit (the meaning of the Arabic word "islam") to and not resist Islamic violence-violence such as we saw on 9-11. Fighting against Islamic Militants, God's warriors, is fighting against God, from Mr. Obama's point of view. That is what he is insinuating by reciting Psalm 46. He has blasphemously twisted scripture to attack President Bush, our military heroes and the USA. Looking at his track record I think it is perfectly obvious what he is trying to say by quoting this passage. I am very offended that Mr. Obama would misuse God's word in this manner. A good president would have read Psalm 47-and praised God for the victories we have won against the forces of evil, victories He has granted us, thanked him for the bravery of our soldiers and blessed them, and would have prayed for blessings upon America-for protection-and prayed for protection and blessings upon our allies, around the world and in the Middle East.

He Maketh Wars to Cease

In Isaiah 2:1-5 there is a prophecy that "swords will be beaten into plowshares." In says in that day "they shall not learn war any more." Obviously, this is the Messianic age-we haven't arrived there yet. In Joel 3:9-12, the prophet says that "plowshares will be beaten into swords" before the Messianic age dawns. Ecclesiastes reminds us that, in the age in which we live, "there is a time of war and a time of peace." We should strive for peace-Jesus said "blessed are the peacemakers" –however, in Mark 25 and Revelations 19:11, Jesus returns as a mighty warrior defeating the armies of evil-then after achieving a military victory-establishing the Messianic age of peace. Jesus said that his second coming would be preceded by wars and rumors of wars. Obama may want the war against Islamic Terror to "cease" but I don't think it is God's will. War is a terrible thing-but sometimes it is a far worse thing not to go to war when it is necessary. And it is deplorable to fight against our troops, as Obama has done for years, when they are our first line of defense against the forces of violence and evil.


Abdel-Hakim Belhaj, commander of the Tripoli Military Council now ruling Libya was an Al-Qaida affiliate and a target of the CIA rendition program.

After the invasion of Iraq, Moammar Qaddafi decided to abolish his weapons of mass destruction program and cooperate with the United States in the War on Terror. Now, Mr. Obama has punished him for his support of Bush by driving him from power.

The CIA and other Western intelligence agencies worked closely with the ousted regime of Moammar Gadhafi, sharing tips and cooperating in handing over terror suspects for interrogation to a regime known to use torture, according to a trove of security documents discovered after the fall of Tripoli. The revelations provide new details on the West's efforts to turn Libya's mercurial leader from foe to ally and provide an embarrassing example of the U.S. administration's collaboration with authoritarian regimes in the war on terror. The documents, among tens of thousands found in an External Security building in Tripoli, show an increasingly warm relationship, with CIA agents proposing to set up a permanent Tripoli office, addressing their Libyan counterparts by their first names and giving them advice. In one memo, a British agent even sends Christmas greetings. The agencies were known to cooperate as the longtime Libyan ruler worked to overcome his pariah status by stopping his quest for weapons of mass destruction and renouncing support for terrorism. But the new details show a more extensive relationship than was previously known, with Western agencies offering lists of questions for specific detainees and apparently the text for a Gadhafi speech. (see "CIA ties to Gadhafi regime detailed in papers" by Ben Hubbard, Associated Press)

Ghadaffi is a villain who needs to be brought to justice for his killing of over 200 Americans at the Lockerby bombing of 1988. But, we have driven out a leader who was cooperating against global terror and have brought Al-Qaida to power in Libya.

Zawahiri: Al-Qaida is behind the "Arab Spring" September 13, 2011

Al-Qaeda has released a video applauding the Arab Spring uprisings to mark the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. In the 62 minute video Dr. Zawahiri claimed that Al-Qaida is winning the war on terror-which does seem to be the case. Osama Ben Ladin was the financer and figurehead of Al-Qaida. Dr. Zawahiri has always been the brains behind the operation. (This doesn't mean that Osama didn't play at active role in operations.) Zawahiri claims that the "Arab Spring" is an Al-Qaida operation whose goal is to bring down moderate and secular regimes in the Arab world and to implement strict Sharia law throughout the Arab and Islamic world. In Libya we see that this does indeed seem to be the case.

Front cover-the Aramaic "Writing Upon the Wall" from Daniel. Stephen Missick PO Box 882, Shepherd TX 77371

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