Wednesday, November 17, 2010

NEWSMAX letter

Letter to NEWSMAX ("Newsmax" recently published a story featured on the cover entitled "The Truth about Islam in America." Newsmax presents itself as a conservative publication-but the article is biased not only in favor of Islam-but also in favor bringing Sharia law into America. I found it disturbing and offensive.)


Dear Newsmax,

The November edition of "Newsmax" magazine features an article that is entitled "The Truth about Islam in America." This article is full of outright falsehoods and misinformation. An example is near the very beginning of the article, which states "1619-1800s: 10 million Africans are brought to North America as slaves. About 30 percent are Muslim." THAT'S RIDICULOUS! Who says 30% were Muslims? Where is the data for this figure and what recognized historian claims that high a number? It is absurd and untrue. I am a historian and I find this claim ridiculous. It shows that this article is poorly researched pro-Muslim propaganda. This is totally bogus and you need to get your facts straight. This article makes it look as though "Newsmax" has no credibility or journalistic integrity. With this non-sense how can you expect anyone to take your magazine seriously? I would expect such an article from the far-left magazines "Newsweek" and "Time Magazine." I doubt they would allow such factual errors to get past their editors-as bad publications that they are. This article is offensive. When this magazine comes out trying to convince Americans that Islam is a "religion of peace" Muslims went into a church in Iraq on Oct. 31 and slaughtered over 50 Christians in just a few hours! What the "Newsmax" magazine needs to do to demonstrate that they are fair and balanced is to do a cover story on the violence against Christians that is taking place in the Middle East and Pakistan right now. I challenge you to do it-but I don't believe you have the courage or the journalistic integrity to do so. If Islam is really a benign and tolerant community why is such violence occurring in Egypt, Nigeria, Pakistan, Indonesia and Iraq? This is a global phenomenon and the American people need to know this is happening and why. But I wager "Newsmax" won't deal with this important issues. You will spread pro-Islamic lies but you won't report on atrocities being committed against Arab Christians. For that matter, why doesn't "Newsmax" do an investigation on anti-Semitism among Muslims? I have lived in the Middle East for years and I have been deployed to Iraq with the military twice. I have also visited Muslims across the USA-and I know that many here have radical ideas. Your reporters dismissed Robert Spencer out of hand. His scholarship is sound. If it isn't why don't your reporters prove that it isn't? Basically, you ignored his research. There is also Steve Emerson and Nonie Darwish, Walid Shoebat and Wafa Sultan-who are from Moslem backgrounds and have a much more factual knowledge than your reporters have presented. You should have gotten your crack journalists to look at a couple of important facts:

FACT #1: According to Islamic Sharia law a Muslim who converts from Islam to Christianity must be put to death. Do we really want this type of legal system implemented in the United States of America? It doesn't matter how it is "interpreted" or "applied"-if it teaches death for conversion-it must not be allowed in the United States. And your article is advocating Sharia law!

FACT #2: Islamic honor killing-such as killing children for converting to Christianity, socializing with Christians or "dishonoring" the family through sexual conduct or being raped-is not uncommon in America. (Why don't you get your journalists to research Islamic honor killings in America?) Islamic Sharia law allows honor killings. This murder of children is what happens if we allow Sharia law in America. In fact honor killings are a sign that Sharia law has already arrived in America.

FACT #3: Sharia law claims a divine mandate-it bases its authority on God and Mohammad-the final "prophet." The Koran commands religious warfare against Christians and Jews,
"Make war against those who have been given the Scripture [the Jews and the Christians] but do not believe in Allah nor in the Last Day. They do not forbid what Allah and his Messenger had forbidden and they do not follow the way of truth. Fight against them until they pay the jizya tax in acknowledgement of the superiority of Islam and they are reduced to a state of humiliation. (Koran 9:29)" The context of this verse from the Koran is very clear. Christians are called "infidels" in the Koran, "Infidels now are they who say, "Verily God is the Christ the Son of Mary! SAY: And who could aught obtain from God, if he chose to destroy the Christ the son of Mary, and his mother, and all who are on the earth together." (Sura 5:19). Sharia law also command amputation of limbs as a punishment for crimes, "As for the thief, both male and female, cut off their hands. It is the reward of their own deeds, an exemplary punishment from Allah. Allah is Mighty, Wise." (Koran 5:38). This commandments did not come from God and should be forbidden in America.


At the beginning of the Twentieth Century, Muslims slaughtered about 2 million Armenian Christians. At the end of the Twentieth Century, Muslims slaughtered about 2 million Sudanese Christians. It is important for us to know that these things have happened and to examine why they happened. It is also in our interests to take steps to prevent such atrocities from occurring again and prevent them from occurring here. It saddens me to hear of my brother Christians suffering in Egypt and Iraq-but I am not going to allow myself to be put in such a position as they find themselves. Newsmax is enabling Muslims to further Islamic sharia law in America-which endangers our freedom and our way of life. Sharia is Islamic Constitutional Law. The people of Oklahoma wisely pasted a law to keep this barbaric system out of the United States of American. But CAIR sued. Why would they do that-unless their goal is to introduce Islamic law into the United States? The fact of the matter is that Islam is more that "just" a religion. It is a political system and a legal system. The goal of Islam is to dominate. Even moderate Muslims desire to destroy Western Civilization and replace it with Islamic Civilization. Oddly, CAIR is arguing in a Federal Court that it is "un-Constitutional" to forbid another constitution, one that claims ultimate authority OVER the Constitution, to operate in competition with the United States Constitution. I am going to take a copy of this magazine, show it to others and use it to educate others and to convince them NOT to support your publication. I have visited with soldiers with severe injuries in military hospitals. I have lived with Middle Eastern Christians and have seen for myself the horrors they endure. Your article is an outrage!

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