Monday, November 3, 2008


Pray for our nation

I am very concerned about the upcoming election and its ramifications. We have a far-left man from a Moslem Heritage on the verge of becoming the president of the United States. Although he currently denies being a “practicing Moslem” there is no doubt that the man belongs to the Moslem tradition. The “Jeremiah Wright” cult “church” he attended promoted Islam, sold and distributed Islamic literature and would often have Moslem “guest preachers.” If there was any church in America where a Moslem would feel comfortable attending, this was it. Obama was registered as a Moslem in Indonesia, he attended an Islamic school and studied to Koran in school. It turns out that Obama did grow up attending mosque and he does know the Islamic prayers. Obama’s Kenyan family is a powerful Islamic tribe there. Obama has strong connections to his Kenyan relatives and visits Kenya often. (Kenya is about evenly divided between Moslems and Christians. Obama’s family is Moslem.)

News Bias

I have been aware of the Liberal news bias for years but I have never seen anything like this election before in my life. Now we have film footage of Obama attending a meeting of Islamic terrorists and praising their efforts. Now the LA Times is coving up for their man. In the video Obama is meeting with Islamic radical Rashid Kalidi. After all the denials-it comes out that it is true-Obama is a Moslem with Islamic terrorist connections.

You are being lied to

Recently I was reading the newspaper about how that Islamic terrorists being released from Guatanomo Bay are being “reintegrated” in the Saudi Arabian society. Upon their return to Saudi Arabia they are “re-educated.” I thought that was odd-I mean who would “re-educate” them? Saudi Arabia advocates the radical Wahibi cult of Islam. All Saudis are brainwashed in school and through the Saudi media. What happens once a terrorist is released to the Saudis is the terrorists are given a huge amount of money and a new lavish home after meeting with a Mullah and promising not to engage in terrorism any more. They were incited by the same Mullah to go and become terrorists and were trained by the Saudis! So, what is going on? If Saudi Arabia are against terrorism these men would be arrested upon their return from America detainment. If they were serious about being against terrorism, they would execute these individuals as an object lesion. Why shouldn’t terrorists get the death penalty? After all, in Saudi Arabia you could be executed for practicing Christianity. What is going on really is that the “re-education” is a formality. These terrorists are being given a heroes welcome complete with a veterans benefits and retirement package. If you spend time in American detainment, upon your return to Saudi Arabia you will be given a large amount of money and a new home. Why doesn’t our media expose this? Why are they so stupid that they buy into the Saudi Arabian spin? Have you ever noticed how liberals rant and rave about how terrible the United States is? I include Obama and his wife in this. What these people need to do is visit other countries and live as the common people do and see what I have seen. America is not a bad country. Our news media is worthless. I recently saw a story that said “Ultra-Conservative Islam on the Rise in the Middle East.” This has been going on for decades-where have these people been? They are clueless. However, they have done a very good job on trying to sell Obama to the country. Americans’ need to work to break the stranglehold radical Liberals have in the Media. This is not good for democracy.


With my own eyes I have seen Syria promoting a policy of Islamization of Aramaic Christian villages in Syria. They have been waging a war against the Aramaic Christians in Lebanon for over ten years. I have seen North Korans, Iranians and the Bin Laden group in Syria with my own eyes. Syria is a nice country but the regime there is no good.
Over 90% of terrorist who enter Iraq to murder Aramaic Christians and American soldiers come from Syria. Actually, Saudi Arabia brings terrorists from around the world to Syria where they are trained and smuggled into Iraq. Just a few days ago in the last week of October, American forces attacked a terrorist base in Syria and captured a terrorist and killed several others. Recently, Aramaic Christians in Iraq have been hit hard. Hitting terrorists back is a good thing. Syria responded by closing the American School and Cultural Center (a place I have visited). Syria should have been happy we destroyed these terrorists-they are outraged because it is their terrorist network.

The War

Obama and the News Media have been trying to undermine our war effort for years. It is true that Mr. Bush mismanaged the war for a time. However, now things have changed with the surge. Why do Liberal hate the United States more than they hate Islamic terrorism? They don’t understand what Islamic extremism is and how it is a danger to mankind. My greatest fear about Obama is that he is the Moslem president. With him in power, Islamic terrorists will have won a major victory against the United States. We must not stop fighting the evil of Islamic extremism. Until 9-11, American foreign policy was to advance Islam around the world, in such places as Bosnia, Kosovo, even in war torn Algeria. This was Saudi Arabian petro-dollars at work. There has been a minor course correction and it needs to be maintained. I served as a soldier in Iraq. I was shot at and could have been killed. I have made the sacrifice myself and I was right to do so.

Please pray about these issues:
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