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November Edition

DVDs now available

The DVD version of my new book “Aramaic: The Language of Jesus of Nazareth” is now available.

I also now have DVD presentations available. This includes “Abba, Father,” “The Cry from the Cross” and “Aramaic: the Language of Jesus of Nazareth.” Please copy and distribute these DVDs.

Order from me or order “Aramaic: The Language of Jesus of Nazareth” from William Brooks PO BOX 10174, College Station, TX 77842 Phone: 979-535-7619

News on the Persecution of Aramaic Christians in the Middle East

Please, if you haven’t read the article on the persecution of the Assyrians in the American Family Association Journal, please check it out: www.afajournal.org/1007iraq_persecution.asp. Please, write or email them to thank them for calling attention to the Aramaic Christians in need.

Also, “News Max” (basically a conservative and Republican oriented newsmagazine) has published three articles on “Iraqi Christians” and their mistreatment. These articles are written by Ken Timmerman:
“Iraqi Christian Refugees Ignored by the U.N.” October 24, 2007
“Iraqi Christians Spurned by UN” October 19, 2007
“ Iraqi Christians Stranded in Jordan” October 22, 2007



The 2,000 year old church in Iraq faces extinction at the hands of Islamic extremists. Many of the extremists have made it clear that they seek to clear their country of Christianity and Christians. They tell the Christians “Convert to Islam, Leave, or Die!” The militants are well on their way to succeeding in their aim, at least in the south and central areas, as Christians flee the threats, the restrictions and the violence imposed upon them. According to some estimates more than a million Christians have left the country since 1990 when anti-Christian feelings began to rise during the first Gulf War. This figure represents about two-thirds of the Christian population. Many of the refugees are in neighboring Syria and Jordan where they struggle to find accommodation, food and other basic needs. Of the Christians who remain in Iraq, many have moved to the relatively sage Kurdish areas to the north, but have no means to support themselves there.

The main ministry of Barnabas Fund is to send financial support to projects which help Christians where they suffer discrimination, oppression and persecution as a consequence of their faith. The projects aim to strengthen Christian individuals, churches and their communities by providing material and spiritual support in response to needs identified by local Christian leaders.
The Barnabas Fund has an 8 minute DVD documentary available on the persecution of Christians in Iraq.
The 2,000-year-old Church in Iraq faces extinction at

“Let the Little Children Come Unto Me”

The Church should always focus on the children. Recently, “Manga Messiah” was published which re-tells the story of Jesus in Japanese animation style. Well, if that is what children are reading (and they are) then we should use that means to proclaim the Gospel. Recently, “The Ten Commandments” was released as part of the “Epic Stories of the Bible” series. Sharing God’s word must always be our principle concern.

“Things for which the pagans seek after…”

Recently, I found myself worrying about how I am going to pay my bills or find time for school and for finishing some of my other projects. Then I remembered what Jesus said in the scriptures about how we mustn’t worry or despair but instead rely on the provision of our Heavenly Father. Honestly, what has hurt me the most is the military not giving me financial aide and my being forced to spend all the money I have, and then going into debt, just to be able to stay in graduate school. The army hasn’t yet given me the tuition assistance they said they promised, I can’t drop out of school, so I ended up having to put my tuition payment on my credit cards.

Steve Caruso

Steve Caruso has interesting information available on Aramaic at http://www.aramaicdesign.blogspot.com/ . You can contact him at Information@AramaicDesigns.com.
For “New Age” information about Aramaic (which I consider bogus) you can see http://www.abwoon.org/.

Courting Controversy

The Bible is very clear that Jesus Christ, not any other human being or city, is the head of the Church (Ephesians 4:15, 5:23, Colossians 1:18). Paul speaks of the church being the body of Christ in 1 Corinthians 12:12. We have “many parts, one body.” We need Christian unity, but unity is not conversion to a particular denomination. Different parts of the body means, the Roman Catholic body part, the Eastern Orthodox body part, the Baptist body part, the Assyrian-Aramaic body part, ect. Under Christ, the head of the Church, we all have our unique function. What disturbs me is when one denomination tries to force all Christians to conform to its traditions. In their vision the body only has one part. Paul says such a thing is not a true body but a monstrosity! (See I Corinthians 12:14-26).

Also, Jesus said “Where ever two or three of you gather in my name there am I in the midst of you” (Matthew 18:20). He didn’t say that he was only present when a representative of a particular sect of denomination is present, or when a “consecrated host” is present, he is there in the midst of us when we come together in his holy name. Those who are born again are the true church. I, like all human beings, am prone to error and making errors in communicating. However, at least there are things I feel passionate about and I am trying to make a difference. I would rather try to do what is right and make some mistakes than to be apathetic and do nothing.

What you can do to Help the Assyrian Aramaic Christians of Iraq

Pray for Iraqi Christians. (When I attempt to create awareness of the situation that Assyrians face I am not trying to create despair. I am attempting to create awareness so that Christians pray and also get involved. We need to work together to bring about change and make a difference.)
Find our more about their plight. To learn more contact the Barnabas Fund, the American Family Association and ninevah.com and the Assyrian International News Agency (http://www.aina.org/) and my books.
Write your elective representative. Ask your congressman or senator what is being done to protect the security and religious liberty of the Assyrians, Mandaeans and Yezidis of Iraq. (The Barnabas fund says, “Ask what your government is doing to offer asylum to Iraqi Christians in danger of their lives. Say that you want your country to be a safe refuge for them.” I personally would rather see their own country become a safe refuge for them by the creation of an autonomous Iraqi Assyrian sage haven region.)
Download: the Assyrian leaflet put out by the Barnabas Fund. I also have leaflets available.
Show the Barnabas Fund’s new 8 minute “Save Iraqi Christians” to your church or group. Contact the Barnabas Fund for your copy. I have DVDs I have made also-but not one that short yet.
Give practical help-donate today: I think that donations to “The Barnabas Fund” and “Christian Solidarity International” and other such organizations is helpful.


In mid-December I should be able to have the book version “Aramaic: The Language of Jesus of Nazareth” underway. I am not certain when it will be available for purchase-perhaps late January of early February. I can’t work on it right now because I have two research papers for seminary coming due and then final exams after that. Please pray for me that I would be able to make ends meet. I am trying to find financial aide for school. Please pray for me that I would be able to find something.
Remember, you can contact me at PO BOX 882 Shepherd TX 77371 or nestorius1@hotmail.com

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